• Healthy ready-to-cook meals designed to be cooked in 10min

    Fastest way to a home-cooked meal

  • What We Do

    The Home-Cooked Dinner Club offers the convenience associated with takeout along with the health, satisfaction, and love of a home-cooked dinner.


    Easy and Convenient

    Ingredients are fully par-cooked; members provide the final step into the oven or pan searing to complete the cooking process in under 10 min.

    Eat Healthy

    We define healthy eating as conscious eating. Define what healthy means to you by choosing between our Gluten free, Paleo, Vegetarian or just clean food recipes.

    We Partner with Moms

    We find the best family recipes and partner with those Moms who've perfected them.

  • How it works

    You choose your meals weekly

    We source, par-cook and deliver

    You cook a great dinner in 10 minutes